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Utkal Sevak Samaj (USS) was formed out of a youth group's efforts at helping migrant tribal wage workers in the year 1989. Begining work in backward villages in Tangi-Choudwar block of Cuttack disctrict, USS has now extended its operation to 160 villages and 50 slums directly and 1972 villages through partners in Cuttack, Jaipur and Bolangir districts of Orissa State in India.

For USS, the means are as important as the end. We work to strengthen the community as a whole, ensure gender equality, and involve people in the struggle for justice. We ensure that our programs are eco-friendly and sustainable, in line with the belief that "Prevention is Better than Cure".

We work with poor and vulnarable people in tribal and disaster prone areas to improve their quality of life. USS have developed an integrated strategy and development support activities like Health Care with special empasis on HIV & AIDS, Adolescence Program, Women Empowerment, Education of School Drop Outs and Non School Going Children, Disaster Management etc.

USS is registered under Society Registration Act XXI 1860 at Cuttack dated 31st July 1989 with Registration No - 6521 / 294. and FCRA dated 30th November, 1995 with No - 104870119. Income Tax Act - Section 12A. .....Read more

Amiya Bhusan Biswal It is a great pleasure for us to share with you about Utkal Sevak Samaj (USS) through our website. USS has completed 25 years of work and during this journey we have enjoyed successes and faced many challenges. These years of journey with ups and downs have been a huge learning experience for us.

In past two and half decades, USS has taken up many program initiatives based on the needs of the community it has been working with. The key areas includes promoting health, education, ensuring livelihood and managing emergenies like flood and cyclone.

Health promotion is key to sustainable developement and it is a priority area of our intervention till today. The organization since its inception has been engaged in maternal amd child health program and still keeps continuing to contribute to the State’s initiatives. HIV and AIDS has been one of our key interventions for the past decade and it is a major area of our work in current programmes. Besides, the organization is implementing other health and development programs related to TB, adolescent health, empowerment of women, livelihood promotion and poverty reduction in an integrated manner to mitigate the problems of the people in the operational area.

The commitment of the USS’s team of workers is inspiring who have often given much more than what was expected. The grantees and donors have always placed their faith in USS’s ability. Credibility, based on transparency, is the main strength of USS that it has always been striving to practice the best norms in human relations and financial management.

I thank all those who support, appreciate, encourage and promote USS thereby promoting the well being of the marginalized.

Founder Signature
Amiya Bhusan Biswal
Founder & Secretary, Utkal Sevak Samaj

Vision: Seeing both men and women equally and independently utilizing their resources (personal and communal, social and natural) for bettering the standards of living (life with dignity) & being self-reliant move towards total Gram Swaraj with real politico-economic power of self-rule.

Mission: Working for sustainable community development of the poor and marginalized (including tribal, dalits, women etc.) and joining them in their struggle for their rights as a social constituent, a citizen and a human being.

To educate the weaker/vulnerable section of the society on the factors of their under development and mechanisms to overcome those.

To develop the capacity of community level people's democratic organizations.

To prepare the community to take care of their own development needs by achieving the access and control over the resources and influencing mainstream governance in their favour.

To co-ordinate with like-minded individuals and institutions to achieve the objective of the organization.

Utkal Sevak Samaj


Prayas, PPTCT, Link Worker Scheme, VIHAAN - Care & Support Centres, Urban slum health care

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All blocks in Cuttack district and 12 blocks in Angul district of Odisha.

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In 2013-14 FY 5328 Migrant labourers, 38 ORCS Camps, 119 STI Patients

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Baliyatra 2014, PPTCT Campaigns, Community Awareness under Project Prayas.

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