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Welcome to Utkal Sevak Samaj

Utkal Sevak Samaj (USS) was formed out of a youth group's efforts at helping migrant tribal wage workers in the year 1989. Begining work in backward villages in Tangi-Choudwar block of Cuttack disctrict, USS has now extended its operation to 160 villages and 50 slums directly and 1972 villages through partners in Cuttack, Jaipur and Bolangir districts of Orissa State in India.

We work with poor and vulnarable people in tribal and disaster prone areas to improve their quality of life. USS have developed an integrated strategy and development support activities like Health Care with special empasis on HIV & AIDS, Adolescence Program, Women Empowerment, Education of School Drop Outs and Non School Going Children, Disaster Management etc.

USS is registered under Society Registration Act XXI 1860 at Cuttack dated 31st July 1989 with Registration No - 6521 / 294. and FCRA dated 30th November, 1995 with No - 104870119. Income Tax Act - Section 12A. .....
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Vision & Mission

" Working for sustainable community development for the poor & marginalized and joining them in their struggle for their rights as a sicial constituent, a citizen and a human being."

"Seeing men and women equally & idependently utilizing their resources for bettering the standards of living & being self-reliant move towards total Gram Swaraj with real politico-economic power of self rule."
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Current Projects
HIV / AIDS Awareness
Prevention of HIV and mainstreaming people living with HIV. A network of PLHIV has been formed with enrollment of 517 members. Regular meetings, educational sessions have been organized to inform, educate and promote practices of positive lving.... Browse more
Women Empowerment
Empowerment of Vulnerable Women
Improving the status of rural and tribal women strengthening their participation in the family, community and Panchayat level decision-making process. Through its activities in poverty stricken Bolangir, USS has promoted women self-help group and.....Browse more
Community Care
Community Care
USS is running a 10 bedded Community Care Center (CCC) at Cuttack city. The services provided are Clinical Management & Nursing, Treatment of opportunistic ....Browse more
Child Education
Child Education
With a broader objective of eradication of child labor, the organization addressing the education, health and other social security needs of child labor. It runs five educational center for school drop out and non school going children within the age .....Browse more
Agro Services
Agro Services
One Agro Service Center has been run by Utkal Sevak Samaj in the area supported by Govt of Orissa with big agricultural equipments such as one tractor, one power triller, paddy thresher, winnower and providing Agro Service to farmers in subsidized....Browse more
Go Organic Program
Go Organic Program
Promotion of Nutritional Garden / Kitchen Garden through organic manner was introduced in Utkal Sevak Samaj as an entry point activity in different slums of Cuttack city namely “Go Organic”. Where the programme was .....Browse more
Disaster Management
Disaster Preparedness / Disaster Management
After the Super Cyclone of 1999 and successive incidence of flood in Orissa, the organization took up disaster management as a major challenge. In this regard community based disaster management model has been implemented in 16 villages....Browse more
Gram Swaraj
Gram Swaraj Program
To promote good governances and participation of marginalized rural tribal people in their development process, Utkal Sevak Samaj sensitized them about their rights and entitlements, strengthened community organization, promoted community....Browse more
Insurance Promotion
Insurance Promotion Program
nsurance has been promoted in 25 villages as a risk reduction measure against disaster. 32 Trained volunteers created in each village to generate awareness among people ....Browse more
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