Care and support to people living with HIV & AIDS

VIHAAN Means “Dawn’s FIrst Light,” is a project for improving Care, Support & Treatment Services for people living with HIV. The project provides expanded access to key services, increase treatment adherence, reduce stigma and discrimination and improve the quality of life of people living with HIV through care & support Centers (CSC).
Utkal Sevk Samaj is implementing VIHAAN-CSC supported by India HIV/AIDS Alliance/Global Fund ROund-4 through LEPRA society in Cuttack District of Odisha. It is committed to the health and well being of PLHIV community and their affected families. The focus is to reach those from underserved and marginalized populations, including women, children and High Risk Groups, (such as Female Sex Workers, Me who have sex with Men, Transgender and people who inject drugs). A safe space for PLHIV, CSC coordinate with nearby ART Centers and provide access to essential care and support services, including counseling, outreach and follow up, health referrals and linkages to social welfare schemes and social entitlements.


Early linkages of PLHIVs to care, support and treatment services.
Improve treatment adherence and education for PLHIVs.
Expanded positive prevention activities.
Improve social protection and wellbeing of PLHIVs.
Strengthen community system and reduce sigma & discrimination.

Meeting with PLHIV
Group Meeting with PLHIV
Advocacy cum Sensitisation Program on Stigma & Discrimination to work HIV
Major ActivitiesAchievementsMajor Project AreaTarget Population
Counselling services – Different type of counselling (like- individual, couple, paediatric, family, adolescent) on different thematic areas (like – Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) adherence, Opportunistic Infection (OI) Management, Nutrition, Psycho-social, Home based care, HIV prevention, Sexual & Reproductive Health, safe sex education, discordant couple, family planning, status disclosure).
Out Reach Services – Follow up PLHIVs for ART adherence, CD4 monitoring, MIS & LFU tracking, Need based counselling, Referral services to different service delivery points.
Referral & Linkages – Referral services to different service delivery points. Linkage services to different social welfare schemes from Govt. and Non-Govt agencies and institutes.
Advocacy Program – Advocacy cum sensitization program. Discrimination Response Team (DRT) – about 15 members will attend the victims within 24 hours on reporting.
Support Group Meeting (SGM) – These meetings will provide the members a platform to share their issues and concerns about confidentiality and learn from each other how to cope. Also helps strengthen this knowledge on HIV related issues and build their capacity accordingly.
Social Entitlement Events – Mass public event with officers from different line departments of Govt. / Non Govt and other institutions.
  • 180 Supports Group Meeting Organized
  • 589 On ART & 496 Pre-ART clients registered in CSC and received counseling
  • 255 PLHIVs linked with Madhubabu Pension Yojona& 31 PLHIVs with PrustyPosoka Yojana,55
    PLHIV with Good will Pass and 3 PLHIV with SukanyaSamrudhiyojana
15 blocks of Cuttack district in Odisha, India.

Total PLHIV = 216
(MALE= 1125, FEMALE= 810, TG= 16, MC= 99, FC= 76)
(Within financial period Apr’14 to Mar’15= Total PLHIV= 1085, M= 596, F= 400, TG= 13, MC= 39, FC= 37)